WeWrite is a social wiki where every page is a recurring donation target. That means if you write 100 pages in a day, you've set up 100 GoFundMe's or Kickstarter campaigns. Instead of chasing vanity metrics (e.g. "likes") your supporters will put their money where their mouth is and donate to you.

I began planning and documenting the app on a MediaWiki site, but now I'm migrating all that content over to a web prototype.

Instead of running yourself to exhaustion on the content treadmill with a paid newsletter where you have to hit the dreaded "publish" button, you can just keep iterating your pages in public and people can send funds your way. 

Hopefully this will allow ideas great ideas to flourish from below, by lowering the barrier to entry for thinkers down to the level of posting a tweet, but allowing those thoughts to be easily monetized.

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